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VHDL circuit (ROM_2^nxm) Method of ROM for implementing logic functions in VHDL, look-up tables (LUT) 2.4.4. RAM (random access memory) VHDL circuit (RAM_2^nxm) and the idea of intellectual property (IP) specific circuits for a given target technology Tri-state buffer in VHDL 2.5. Architecture of a Finite State ... For more information, please contact [email protected] VHDL auto-generation tool for optimized hardware State-of-the-art CNNs are computationally intensive, yet their parallel and modular nature make platforms The interconnect consists of pass transistors, tri-state buffers, and multiplex-ers...

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Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is one of the most important digital logic components in CPUs. It normally executes logic and arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. In this VHDL project, an ALU is designed and implemented in VHDL.

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To avoid this situation, we use the third state, 'Z', that stands for high impedance. This means that we don't connect the signal to anything. The other bus other can put a '0' or a '1' without any issue. The code for this tri-state buffer is therefore: dataBus <= Dout when OPCode=OPCodeGET else (others => 'Z'); Tests and validation

VHDL: The Entity: PORT MODE • in Data goes into the entity (and not out) • out Data goes out of the entity (but not in and is not used internally) • inout Data is bi-directional • buffer Data goes out of the entity and is also fed back within the entity Mode possibilities: in, out, inout, buffer entity NAND2a is port(A,B: in bit; C: out bit); end NAND2a; EEL3701 When using an inout port, I've been bitten by a synthesis tool instantiating an OBUF instead of an IOBUF when the VHDL statements were apparently too complicated for synthesis to infer the IOBUF. The following is a simplified example (assume all signals are std_logic) of the situation that bit me:

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